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The origins of the Hdttiani

The Hdttiani Teammiani


The origins of the Hdttiani:
It to the beginning was the dark, then anybody lit the light
And in fact the purpose of this episode is the attempt of set of the
answers to one of the dilemmas most anxious !
from a recent investigation it look that the HDTtiani, before come to the
light, has lived inside to an oscilloscopio, but it is only
a hypothesis, it look as if this tool is in use and that one
unfortunate day the owner has evicted them
does them go out in the real world.
What confirms this hypothesis it is the instinctive and atavistic push that
it conducts this kind to simulate oscilloscopi and lines of wave on
any base, like in a perpetual search of a lost Eden.
Besides the alives have elected a simulator of electric circuits
like high God, and they look for now of spread this doctrine in all
the world. The chosen prophet tightens friendships straight with the
unfaithful of the rising sol spreading on the net with images and icons
This seems to be but a legend, the true history seems to be
an other:
To the beginning there was a bear There from anything departs, in the current language
Bear became there that it was the first HDTtiana.
in succession [naquero] the other members of the kind.
But the sceptics don't agree upon with this hypothesis, remembering to the
science that also with all the appointment of the world (that for the HDTtiani
it consisted to the epoch in a oscilloscopio) an only Bear there doesn't can in
few years give life to:
a Romanian
a Carabbiniere
a Normanno
to a tide of steggisti of the polytechnic and of other corporate body
etc etc

Our envoys "superspeciali" is in I rent for investigate.
They will have praised for their courage and their rashness of front
to the danger.

The Hdttiani Teammiani

And here to you the angle of Quark
Like of usual for the index book "the friends of the ark"
there we will narrate the big and unusual evolution of a kind
that being composed from few individuals usually would come definite in
by of extinction.
and instead the evolution has completed one of the his bigger miracles
in fact, probably for survive the little known kind of the
HDTtiani is been "evolved" if as we could assert in a new kind:
the HDTtianiTeammiani
two our envoys have visited the unusual habitat of the new
It seem in fact that they swarm in environments dressed again of carpet
red and from the pink walls with shortage of windows and distant from the light
of the sun. (style night club)
the affinity with any nighttime places is a dilemma with no solutions also
because  looks as if to the contrary they frequent "the new center"
above all in the daytime.

Like always there will hold informed on new developments
good evening.

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