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HDTtiani Science Fiction on line                                                                                                     Year 0 Number 0

In  to the intern of the Alpha quadrant, the Enterprise during one of his travels where no man had stayed first, in the vain attempt of answer to a request of help of the Voyager it's been found in front of the Death Star.

Believing have found a Borg Sphere has attached without warning!

Obviate the emperor is been angry like a snake and has sent the whole fleet behind the Enterprise.

In this way the rebellion counting on a fleet driven by a merchant ship old like the universe (The Millenium Falcon) it will be able to win.

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Editorial N 0

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did you likes that idea?

There is an avalanche of ways for participate:

1) any history and image or idea (except those xxx-rated.) they will have published.

you could send me all to this address:

2) putting a link on your page to this site (send me a mail so I can thank you)
3) sends me a lot full of money (joke:)) the initiative is  not for the sake of money!!

Hi to all !!

Alternative science fiction

We see all days long very handsome pages of relentless fan, through Star Trek and Star Wars up to the Galactica and to the Yamato , now what do you think if some of those worlds or for better tell "universes" can meeting?

Can you imagine the deadly "chaos"?

The battle between the good and the evil stay clear, or would new factions be delineated, with new alliances ?
You imagine if for example the Borg attaches the Empire of George Lucas.
Could the Federation, in answer to a request of help, cooperate to the empire and after, what would it happen to the rebellion?






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