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Welcome to my Lands, take a tour on it! Last update 15/04/2000

Space (Brian May)

I'm gonna make a little space
Around me
A very special place
Around me
No-one can come in...........


Ferrari Won the australian GP

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I'm Fabio, I'm 25 years old, Italian Boy \;-)
I hope that you're fine :-)

Now I tell You about the place where I live,
I live near Turin, Turin is a city of middle dimensions (1 million of people) in north west of Italy.
It's very near Alps Mountains, in fact in Turin they will held the next world winter games (2006).
Walking around the centre streets, you will admire the old palaces in baroque style, the royal palace (Turin was capital of italy under the Savoia kingdom before the first world war) Plaza Castle (PiazzaCastello), The medieval castle and the park of Valentino.
I live 14 kilometers(~9 miles) from Turin, near a small town named Leiný

Leiný is quite boring, and to have fun me and my friends, we have to go in Turin or in another town near here...


we'll meet in Yahoo Chat 
My yahoo id is moorck too
Or in ICQ: 19397879


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