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Hi to every one can see this page ! !

I'm Fabio 24 years old, Italian Boy   \;-)

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I hope that you staywell :-)

Now I speak to you about the place in which I live,
I live near Turin,Turin is a city of middle dimensions (1 million of people) in the northwest of Italy
it's very near fromthe Alps Mountains
in fact Turin is acandidate for the next world winter games
walking for the streetof the centre, you will admire the old palaces in baroque style, the royalpalace (Turin was capital of italy under the kingdom of Savoia before thefirst world war)
Plaza Castle (PiazzaCastello), The medieval castle and the park of the Valentino
I live 14 kilometers(~9 miles) from Turin, near a small town that is called Leiný ina fraction called "Tedeschi" (in italian Tedeschi = German , i don't knowwhy :-) )

Tedeschi and Leinýare quite boring, and for enjoy me and my friends have to go in Turin orin another town near here...

we feel in Yahoo Chat sweety
if you are a girl.... smack, smack (kiss) Fabio

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